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Michelle Lucey (Johnson)
March 27, 1970 at home mom Married 3
Wow - 20 years.  I cannot believe I/we are that old!  

After college in Eau Claire, my husband and I moved to River Falls, WI, and now am 'on leave' from teaching to be with my 6, 4 and 1 year old kids (2 boys, 1 girl). 

Thanks so much for this great website!  I love to put the faces with the names...looking forward to catching up!
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Robin Johnson
February 21
Brad Jones
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August 18, 1970 Product Manager Married 2

Lets see... 10 Year old daugter, 8yo Daughter, lovely wife. Marin County is paradise (although very lacking in diversity).  Still a Vikings fan. SKOL! Love Music, we see about 2-5 shows a month. Love to travel. Love to snowboard. Learning guitar, very slowly.

Looking forward to seeing people.



Will definitely update this a little later with more info, but, here's the skinny. 

Been in San Francisco for 11 years where I met my wife Kate, a good mid-westerner from Wisconsin.  We have a wonderful 6 month old daughter, Evelyn.  Please don't mind the bags under our eyes.  I am a Product Manager for a company that provides an analysis platform to professional investors. 

Can't wait to see all the old faces at the reunion.  It will certainly be a trip. 
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Jason Joyce
February 06, 1970 Journalist Committed Relationship 1
I'm still trying to recover from watching that Video Yearbook. I live in Madison, Wisc., with my girlfriend and 9-year old son. Send Jason a MessageSend Jason a Message
Bradley Kaplan
September 20, 1969 Commercial Real Estate Married 2
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Kari Kelly (Karissa Kosak)
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July 14, 1970 Account Manager, Aerospace Fastener Distribution Married 2
No...we don't really have children, but we do have two beautiful Boxers, Rocco & Bella, that keep our life as busy as if we did have kids!  I left the "big Minnie" shortly after turning 21, and hit the road, destined for Phoenix, AZ. I have been here ever since and can't imagine ever leaving. Arizona is amazingly beautiful. 

I've actually known my husband, Jeff, since I was 18, and we re-connected about 6 years ago (it's a long story). We married in July 2005 and honeymooned in Italy - it was fabulous. 

Rachel Arvidson and I are still best friends. In fact, I convinced her to move out here 5 years ago, along with my parents, my brother, my grandmother, and Rachel's dad - life could not be more perfect!

Good to see everyone's faces on this website. Thank you to Eric Raarup, who I read somewhere in here put this together...? I've actually known Eric since I was 4 years old. We used to play "kitchen" together at my Grandma's in Mtka with Toby Carroll, Peter Falk and Rachel Carpenter (class of '87)!

Unfortunately I will not be able to make it back for the reunion.  My husband & I will be leaving town on 8/1 to celebrate our anniversary.  Hopefully we'll have another at 30 years!

Take care, All! 
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Mary Laitinen (Keelan)
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September 06, 1969 stuff with numbers Married
I currently live in Boulder, CO with my husband. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. Send Mary a MessageSend Mary a Message
Jim Keen
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January 24, 1970 Director of Sales, American Express Married 3

Hey's been a long time.  I moved back to California and finished school at the University of San Diego, where I met my beautiful wife Katie.  We now live in Littleton, CO with our three great kids (11, 9, and 5).  Hoping to make it back to the reunion and seeing you all.  Again, thanks to all who made this possible.

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Dan Kelley
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July 15, 1970 VP-Metro Bank, N.A. Married 2
Hello all,
I moved down to Houston, TX last year for a new job and probably won't make it to the reunion but wanted to say hi.  I have been married for 12-yrs (Sara) and have two great boys (Ryan 10, Ben 5).  My family still misses MN greatly.  I enjoy Houston and don't mind not having the winter.  I head a department for a regional bank that focuses on the Asian business community in Houston and Dallas.  It has been a great experience.  We live in Sugar Land, TX.  Look me up if you are down this way.

Best wishes to all. 
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Carolee Shannon (Kent)
March 15, 1970 Childrens Clothing Designer Married 3

Oh, what memories I have!
I can't believe we are all old enough to be thinking about a 20 year reunion. Where did the time go?

A few years after graduation I went home to Texas and have been here ever since. I married my Texas Sweetheart and we have three great kids. Heather is 16, Spencer is 14 and Brier Elise is 6.

I have always been a stay at home Mom taking care of things here on the home front. But recently, I went into business for myself, designing and making children's clothing. It's going well....slow...but well.

I'm so happy to have found this site and hope to see each and every one of you.

Hugs from Texas~


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