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Jennifer Reiter
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September 06, 1970 yoga instructor~massage therapist Committed Relationship
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Nicole Forsman (Rennie)
July 20, 1970 Physical Therapist Married

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Douglas Robertson
January 17, 1970 Restaurant Owner Single
I'm living in Bend, OR.  I've been here almost 10yrs.  I love it.  I own a small French Bistro, I make a lot of art, and hang out with friends. 
Paul Rockswold
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April 18, 1970 Counselor/Therapist Married 2
I am still hoping to find a way to attend our 25 trade reunion. I have done so many things since high school, it is hard to know what to write. I attended seminary for four years and became a minister. I did parish work for five years. Then I went to St. Mary's for my masters in marriage and family counseling. I am currently an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I went back to school one more time and became a chemical dependency counselor, helping women and men with the powerful and baffling problem of addiction.I am also currently writing a book that focuses on the many ways our society makes us forget who we are: beautiful children of the Light. I have two amazing children from my first marriage, Benjamin and Serianna. I am now married to my best friend and love Carri. While I see only a few people from high school on a regular basis, I remember many of these names and faces with fondness. Send Paul a MessageSend Paul a Message
Michelle Berman (Roseman)
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June 23, 1970 Sr. Apparel Designer Married 2
Since HHS I went to College @ Syracuse University and got my degree in texile Design, I lived in NYC and worked in the garment district as a designer for mens and boyswear. I than moved back to minnesota for a few years and worked for Dayton Hudson designing there private label childrenswear.  Moved after 3 years to St. Louis, Mo and designed for the May Company for another 3 years, met my husband, Dan, who was getting his PHD in biotech at Washington University. .  Once he finished we moved to Boston which is where we have been for the last 5 1/2 years.  We have 2 wonderful kids. 
Zachary who is 3 1/2 and Chava who is 15 months.
I work for TJX which is Tj Maxx and Marshalls as a Sr. Designer for their Childrens Private Labels.

I am sorry we were not able to come to town to see everyone! It was great to see the pictrues!
Wow! 20 years
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Shari Latz (Rothman)
February 16, 1970 Musician-Harpist Married 3
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Sarah Rubin
December 29, 1969 Administrative Assistant Single
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Libby Rydell
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August 08, 1970 Financial Planning Admin Asst Single 1
20 years!!  I never really hung out with any particular clique or group of people in school - so I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone that shows up...  Great venue!  Thank you to all that have played a role in putting this whole event together!  Send Libby a MessageSend Libby a Message
Janel Rynders
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In memory of JANEL RYNDERS. Janel lost her life in a car accident on Christmas Eve our senior year. Please add your memories of Janel to this site. Both the username and password are janelrynders. Janel, you were taken way too early. We were just getting to know each other even though we were cousins (4th of July family gatherings just weren't enough). The world lost a very caring, warm, loving person when you were taken. I miss you - Mary Laitinen Keelan
Janel and I were great friends, I still have all of the wedding plans, her wedding invitation and the material I was suppose to have made into a brides maid dress.  She was getting married after graduation.  My first daughter's middle name is Jane, named after Janel.  It was one of the hardest events in my life; losing her.  I miss you Nell. I hope that your family is doing well.  Kim Salvador Baker
Kerrie Viall (Sammon)
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December 22, 1969 Aesthetician Married 2
Our family moved to Chandler, Arizona 6 years ago.  We have two daughters, Amber (7) and Emily (5) that keep us busy.  I work as an Aesthetician for Lifetime Fitness and for a plastic surgeon doing medical facial treatments for patients.  

Great seeing the pictures!
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